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Disney Cruise

  For my spring break I am going on a Disney cruise.The second day we get off the boat at Key West.The fourth day Grand Cayman. The fifth day Cozumel [mexico].The seventh day Castaway Cay. I’m excited about it. I … Continue reading

My Birthday

I turned 10 on my birthday. I went to dinner with my kidney donor and her family and I got this crazy hat for my birthday and they sung to me in Spanish. It was also my kidney anniversary. I … Continue reading

“I want to say there’s More About Me.”

My Boosterthon Fun Run

There is this program at our school called the Boosterthon Fun Run. I ran 35 laps and I got dehydrated. I was nervous in the beginning because I didn’t think I would finished because I’m kinda bad at it, I … Continue reading

Why I left My Girl Scout Troop

I was in a Girl Scout Troop and some of the girls were mean. They laughed at me in a mean way because they could do stuff I could not do. Like finger knitting, I got a step wrong and … Continue reading