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My stupid eyes.

I have OMA* and torsion. OMA makes my eyes move slowly right to left. I have torsion too. It makes my eyes jump and move weird. I can’t see things as quickly as other people like balls coming at me when I play and its hard to see when I am walking like with curbs and stairs. It’s hard for me to balance.

I don’t like it because I can’t ride a bike. It makes me feel bad and sad. Sometimes people make fun of me cause I can’t do things they can do. My mom says “everybody’s different.” It doesn’t make me feel better. Not at all.

*ocularmotor apraxia

About Me

My name is Quinnlin.

I am 10 years old.

I have special needs.

I do not like it!!!

I have OMA, Torsion, and ARPKD. That means my eyes have trouble and they shake and I lean my head to the side and my kidneys didn’t work and I got a new kidney.

I wanted a blog because I wanted a website.