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My stupid eyes.

I have OMA* and torsion. OMA makes my eyes move slowly right to left. I have torsion too. It makes my eyes jump and move weird. I can’t see things as quickly as other people like balls coming at me … Continue reading

My IVs after my kidney transplant.

After my kidney transplant I got a lot of IVs*and I hated it. Because it hurt really bad. And we had to go there a lot and wait. I used to want to slap them because they were hurting me. … Continue reading

Why I left My Girl Scout Troop

I was in a Girl Scout Troop and some of the girls were mean. They laughed at me in a mean way because they could do stuff I could not do. Like finger knitting, I got a step wrong and … Continue reading

About Me

My name is Quinnlin. I am 10 years old. I have special needs. I do not like it!!! I have OMA, Torsion, and ARPKD. That means my eyes have trouble and they shake and I lean my head to the … Continue reading