My stupid eyes.

I have OMA* and torsion. OMA makes my eyes move slowly right to left. I have torsion too. It makes my eyes jump and move weird. I can’t see things as quickly as other people like balls coming at me when I play and its hard to see when I am walking like with curbs and stairs. It’s hard for me to balance.

I don’t like it because I can’t ride a bike. It makes me feel bad and sad. Sometimes people make fun of me cause I can’t do things they can do. My mom says “everybody’s different.” It doesn’t make me feel better. Not at all.

*ocularmotor apraxia

2 thoughts on “My stupid eyes.”

  1. i’ve seen your eyes in pics your mom has posted & i see a lot of FUN in those eyes, a bit of mischief and a whole lot of smart.

    kids made fun of me because my glasses were so thick. it hurts, i know. my depth perception was often wonky and i was really klutzy. (and these things remain true, even though i’m old)

    so maybe sports won’t be your thing. but you have a blog. and you ROCK IT.

    AND i happen to know that you’re super cool. any girl who can wear a beret like that is cool. not many can do it. as a fellow beret-wearer, I salute you.

  2. You’re mom is right, everybody is different, we all have our “thing.” But it doesn’t always make it any easier to deal with.

    But, you have other things too, good things. Like this blog. Keep writing!

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