My IVs after my kidney transplant.

After my kidney transplant I got a lot of IVs*and I hated it. Because it hurt really bad. And we had to go there a lot and wait. I used to want to slap them because they were hurting me. But I didn’t.

I am glad it’s over. But when I get another kidney I will have to have IVs again.

(*It was for medicine to replace steroids/prednisone)

One thought on “My IVs after my kidney transplant.”

  1. QB, I hope you don’t have to have another kidney for a long, long, long time. And I hope you don’t have to have IVs for a long time either. I remember when I had IVs after my surgery with Gage. Those things hurt – and I told the nurses something wasn’t right – but they said the IV was fine. Finally, someone took the tape off my hand and found out the IV wasn’t in right. IVs are not for wimps, that’s for sure. And QB, you are no wimp. You are smart and beautiful and I love it when you look at me funny – you just think I’m weird, right? Love you sweet girl!

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