Why I left My Girl Scout Troop

I was in a Girl Scout Troop and some of the girls were mean. They laughed at me in a mean way because they could do stuff I could not do. Like finger knitting, I got a step wrong and they laughed.

It made me feel stupid.

Now I’m in a new troop and all of the girls are nice.

5 thoughts on “Why I left My Girl Scout Troop”

  1. Hi Quinnlin, I read your Mom’s blog cos I want to be a special needs teacher when I get out of university and so I feel like I’ve got to know you and your brother just a teeny bit.
    Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I am a Girl Guide (Girl Scout) leader in England and I am so so glad you found a troop where the girls are nicer to you! I loved being a Girl Guide and I want every girl to have that chance – I wouldn’t let the mean girls get away with treating you how they did if you’d been in my troop!
    Best wishes, Katie xx

  2. Quinn-
    I left my girl scout troop because I got laughed at too. Sometimes girls are mean, but then you find a group that are nice and it helps you forget about the mean ones. Or at least not care about them. I hope you have a great time with your new troop!

  3. Hi Quinnlin, I’m a friend of your mom’s, too. My daughter is also in Girl Scouts. She has changed troops three times. Like you, she loves Scouting and is now in a troop with girls who work together very well. I’m glad you stuck it out and found a troop with nice girls. It would have been easy to quit but you kept on. That is great!

    i hope you have a great Scouting year,
    Siobhan Wolf

  4. I am so glad you changed troops and are with a nicer group of girls. I was a Girl Scout Leader and I know how much fun scouting can be.

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