I am going to Alaska!

I get to be a Student Ambassador with a program called People to People and we are going to Alaska!

I am looking for sponsors for the trip and I can put your logo on things I wear and take to Alaska with me!

Thank you for thinking about sponsoring me!

You can go to this link to pay for sponsorships!

Disney Cruise

From my Make-A-Wish trip


For my spring break I am going on a Disney cruise.The second day we get off the boat at Key West.The fourth day Grand Cayman. The fifth day Cozumel [mexico].The seventh day Castaway Cay.

I’m excited about it. I look forward to Castaway Cay and Cozumel the most.



New Year’s Resolution by Quinnlin

Have you ever had a New Year’s Resolution? A resolution is a promise and it has to be something you can do.

My New Year’s Resolution is to respect my parents. I know it might sound hard to you but it’s not hard.

To respect them I will follow

– Their directions even though I do not want to, not rolling my eyes even though they tell me what to do, and not stomping my feet when they get mad at me.

– The effects are they will do more things with me, I would not get in trouble and I would not have frown lines above my eyes.

So that’s my New Year’s Resolution.

My stupid eyes.

I have OMA* and torsion. OMA makes my eyes move slowly right to left. I have torsion too. It makes my eyes jump and move weird. I can’t see things as quickly as other people like balls coming at me when I play and its hard to see when I am walking like with curbs and stairs. It’s hard for me to balance.

I don’t like it because I can’t ride a bike. It makes me feel bad and sad. Sometimes people make fun of me cause I can’t do things they can do. My mom says “everybody’s different.” It doesn’t make me feel better. Not at all.

*ocularmotor apraxia

My IVs after my kidney transplant.

After my kidney transplant I got a lot of IVs*and I hated it. Because it hurt really bad. And we had to go there a lot and wait. I used to want to slap them because they were hurting me. But I didn’t.

I am glad it’s over. But when I get another kidney I will have to have IVs again.

(*It was for medicine to replace steroids/prednisone)

My Birthday

I was looking at another camera

I turned 10 on my birthday. I went to dinner with my kidney donor and her family and I got this crazy hat for my birthday and they sung to me in Spanish.

It was also my kidney anniversary. I like my new kidney. It helped me survive.



“I want to say there’s More About Me.”

My Boosterthon Fun Run

There is this program at our school called the Boosterthon Fun Run.

I ran 35 laps and I got dehydrated. I was nervous in the beginning because I didn’t think I would finished because I’m kinda bad at it, I couldn’t believe I did it.

Why I left My Girl Scout Troop

I was in a Girl Scout Troop and some of the girls were mean. They laughed at me in a mean way because they could do stuff I could not do. Like finger knitting, I got a step wrong and they laughed.

It made me feel stupid.

Now I’m in a new troop and all of the girls are nice.

About Me

My name is Quinnlin.

I am 10 years old.

I have special needs.

I do not like it!!!

I have OMA, Torsion, and ARPKD. That means my eyes have trouble and they shake and I lean my head to the side and my kidneys didn’t work and I got a new kidney.

I wanted a blog because I wanted a website.